Snowball Fight!!!!


We finally got some real snow and what better to do, than have a snowball fight! Winters, in North Carolina, can be interesting. We are known for our bipolar weather. We can get all four seasons in one day and it’s not many winters that we actually get enough snow to have a snowball fight. Usually, when the weatherman calls for snow, we may see a dusting or an inch. Nothing to really get excited about, but yet, the state still comes to a stand still.

Last week, it snowed a whole six inches, in one day. Other towns, around us, got up to a foot of snow. So, with some actual measurable snow, we had to have a snowball fight. Della loves the outdoors, and even when it’s freezing outside, we have to play.  It was so beautiful and COLD, but we still went exploring.  We picked up her cousin and started on a winter adventure.

The walk, through the woods, was liking walking through a winter wonderland. The kids thought they were in the movie Frozen. Yes, I will be so glad when they let it go. We made our way to the pond and kids was so excited to see it was frozen over. Nope, no ice skating for us; we just admired the beauty of the snow.

Did you guys get any snow? How do you enjoy the winter? Any travel or winter ideas you would like to share?


Snowed In with a Toddler!

There’s nothing like being snowed in with a two year old.  The East and North East got a big snow storm last week which meant we were stuck in the house for three days.  How do you entertain a toddler for three days?  How do you entertain a sick toddler for three days?  It was not easy but we found some fun things to do.


Della wasn’t up for much the first couple of days, so it was mainly puzzles and painting.  We were supposed to paint the rocks but that quickly turned into paint the baby.  She finally sat still long enough to put her new puzzle together and have a mini photo shoot with Minnie and Daisy.

You know we had to go out in the snow for a bit. She still wasn’t 100%, so we were only out for a short time.

I love spending time with Della. She always keeps me on my toes.  It was such fun seeing her paint and really focus on making a “pretty picture” for mommy.   She loves exploring her creative side and I try to encourage it as much as possible.  Who knows, maybe she will be a famous artist one day!