Winter Gear


North Face jacket – $50 – TJ Maxx
Nike Air Max Zero SE – $30 – Champs

Fall in the Park

Sweater – Savannah – Marshall’s $12.99

Jeans – Lucky Brand –  Marshall’s  $9.99

Shoes – Converse – Rack Room – $24.99



I realized I have no pictures of Della except those on my phone and the one the photographer took in NICU.  We really need some cute pics for the house, so I took to Groupon to find a deal (Yea, I know I am cheap)

I came across a $5 Printerpix deal for one 8″X10″ Photo Canvas.  I figured why not. For $5 I will try it. I actually bought two.  I figured if I didn’t like it, I was only out 10 bucks.

Saturday I received my pic and I am very happy with the quality. It came out way better than expected.  I will definitely  use the other groupon soon.

Sorry for the glare. My house has a lot of natural light and even though it’s cloudy and raining today there is still a lot of light coming in.