Fall in the Park

Sweater – Savannah – Marshall’s $12.99

Jeans – Lucky Brand –  Marshall’s  $9.99

Shoes – Converse – Rack Room – $24.99


Pictures in the Park

It’s been crazy hot, in NC, and Della and I have not spent as much time in the park as usual.  Last Sunday, my little superhero decided she wanted to take pics in the park.  So, she got dressed and to the park we went.  No, it wasn’t raining, but she loves her rain boots and she thought, just maybe, she would find some muddy puddles to jump in…lol  Yes, it was still hot as heck, but anything to see a smile on her little face.



Just Keep Swimming

Della is back in swim class and I must say, she is doing great for not being in the pool the whole winter and spring.  Since it’s almost 100 degrees, in NC right now, it felt really good to spend some time in the water.  The local pool is closed, so unless we go to the beach, we won’t get in any swimming other than classes.

She’s grown so much between her last year swim pics (the last 3) and this year.

Facing Her Fear of the Big Slide

For some reason, Della decided Sundays are not a good day to sleep in.  Where she got this crazy idea, I have no freakin’ clue.  So, since we were up, I decided to take her out to a mommy and me breakfast at Bob Evans.  I had pancakes and she had broccoli (she’s a cheap date).

We’ve been trying to get to the park all week but it has been HOT the whole week.  I’m talking upper 90s near 100s.  Not a fun time to be at the park. Since we had an early breakfast, Della decided she want to go play on the slides.

Now, we usually go to the kiddie playground not far from the house.  Sunday she decided she wanted to conquer the big slide.  It took her a while to get there.  She slide down all the small slides first.  She even got me to slide a couple of times.  Then, after about 3o minutes, she decided to face her fears.  She climbed the steps, sat down, and held on for dear life.   The first time, I could tell she was scared because she came down in slow motion…lol   She was holding on so tight she could barely slide.  After the initial shock wore off, she got back up and tried it again.  This time it was the real deal.  She came down like a champ.  I was so proud of her.  I don’t think we will be going to the kiddie playground anymore.


You can call me Flower!

It’s Spring, or so the calendar says.  The weather in NC is bipolar, as always. After unusually cold temps, it finally warmed up enough for Della to plant her flowers.  She had her gardening gear and was really to “work” in the dirt, with her mommy and MiMi.

As I was getting the flower bed ready, MiMi was teaching Della how to use the water hose. Can you guess how well that went?  The joy of a 2 year old and water.  Della put a lot of work into her garden and she loved making sand castles with the soil.  She decided her favorite tree needed to look pretty, so she planted flowers around the front. She was not very happy about all the bugs. Of course, she wanted to do everything herself, so her Mimi and I were there as backup.

Della had a blast working in her flower garden.  Next up is her vegetable garden.

Go Outside Today!


Snowed In with a Toddler!

There’s nothing like being snowed in with a two year old.  The East and North East got a big snow storm last week which meant we were stuck in the house for three days.  How do you entertain a toddler for three days?  How do you entertain a sick toddler for three days?  It was not easy but we found some fun things to do.


Della wasn’t up for much the first couple of days, so it was mainly puzzles and painting.  We were supposed to paint the rocks but that quickly turned into paint the baby.  She finally sat still long enough to put her new puzzle together and have a mini photo shoot with Minnie and Daisy.

You know we had to go out in the snow for a bit. She still wasn’t 100%, so we were only out for a short time.

I love spending time with Della. She always keeps me on my toes.  It was such fun seeing her paint and really focus on making a “pretty picture” for mommy.   She loves exploring her creative side and I try to encourage it as much as possible.  Who knows, maybe she will be a famous artist one day!