Kid’s Vision Board

Let’s Make a Vision Board

Happy 2018! The new year brings new visions and boy does Della have a lot of things she wants to do.  We decided to sit down and make a vision board to see what she wants to accomplish this year.


Della already has a list of things she wants to do and places she wants to go, and in true kid form, she makes sure to tell me, EVERY DAY…lol.  Below are the top things on her list.

  1. Disney
  2. See Frozen live
  3. Beach (Dance like a ballerina on the beach)
  4. Mountain trip
  5. Museums
  6. Waterfalls (Every since Niagara Falls, she’s been hooked)
  7. Cross a big bridge (She really has a thing for bridges)
  9. Playground with friends
  10. Explore

We sat down and searched the net for some cool pics and taped them to a piece of poster board.  We hug it next to her dream catcher, above her bed, so she could have good dreams about all the stuff she wants to do. I hope all her dreams come true.


This is a quick and easy project that’s so much fun. Adults spend so much time envisioning the future and things we want to accomplish, it’s good to find out what our kids want to do and accomplish for the new year.

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Museum of Life and Science

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Della and I decided we needed to get out the house, after a long week, so what better place to go, on a dreary day, than the museum.  I have not been to the Museum of Life and Science since I was is in grade school and that’s been a long darn time.  It was exciting to share this experience with her and discover new things together.

The Museum of Life and Science is in Durham, NC.  Looking from the outside, you would never expect the amazing adventures that lie ahead.  We started the day with some music in the musical instrument section outside. Della loved the drums and I must say, my baby got rhythm. We then moved over to the farmyard, to look at the baby animals, before heading off to the train.

The train makes two circles around the park. While riding you can spot dinosaurs in between the trees, animals statues, a giant tree house, and wonderful artwork.  Right before pulling into the the train station, the train enters a tunnel and every one is encouraged to scream as loud as they can. Della and I definitely got our scream on.

The Magical Wings Butterfly House was amazing.  Who knew so many types of butterflies existed.  The museum has a butterfly conservatory that feels like a tropical paradise. All I needed was a beach and I would have been in heaven.

Inside the museum, there is an art gallery and a place for kids to create their own art pieces.  Della’s favorite part was definitely the weather center.  She got to see how clouds and tornadoes form and how changes in the atmosphere affect our weather.

There’s so much to do in at the Museum of Life and Science but we couldn’t fit it all in one day.  After a good three hours, we  were exhausted.  I see us spending many days here this summer.  Since we love going to different museums and science centers, I signed up for a membership.  The membership has great benefits, such as – free entry into the center, early entry for special exhibits, discounts at the center store and cafe’, and discounts or free entry into affiliated science centers around the world.

So, if you’re bored and looking for something fun and educational, check out your local museum or science center. It’s a great way to play and learn at the same time.


Facing Her Fear of the Big Slide

For some reason, Della decided Sundays are not a good day to sleep in.  Where she got this crazy idea, I have no freakin’ clue.  So, since we were up, I decided to take her out to a mommy and me breakfast at Bob Evans.  I had pancakes and she had broccoli (she’s a cheap date).

We’ve been trying to get to the park all week but it has been HOT the whole week.  I’m talking upper 90s near 100s.  Not a fun time to be at the park. Since we had an early breakfast, Della decided she want to go play on the slides.

Now, we usually go to the kiddie playground not far from the house.  Sunday she decided she wanted to conquer the big slide.  It took her a while to get there.  She slide down all the small slides first.  She even got me to slide a couple of times.  Then, after about 3o minutes, she decided to face her fears.  She climbed the steps, sat down, and held on for dear life.   The first time, I could tell she was scared because she came down in slow motion…lol   She was holding on so tight she could barely slide.  After the initial shock wore off, she got back up and tried it again.  This time it was the real deal.  She came down like a champ.  I was so proud of her.  I don’t think we will be going to the kiddie playground anymore.


Heart to Heart with my Mom (MiMi)

Della and I are so blessed to  live in the same house with my mom.  It is a big help, to have her here, just to talk or when I need a break.  Sometimes, I think her and Della are more like two old women, who fuss all day, than grandmother and granddaughter (smile).

Now, my mom works full time and plans to retire in a couple of years.  May dad passed, a couple of years ago, so it’s just us girls (me, Della, mom, my sister and her daughter).

Saturday, I was talking to mom about her plans to buy a house, and I was telling her, I don’t think it’s the best idea for our family.  Now, I know, to some, buying a house is the ultimate goal for their family, but I don’t want my mom to spend her retirement years paying for a house, when she could be spending that money on the things she loves.

When we were growing up, my parents had a home and did everything they could to provide for us.  They worked long hours and sacrificed to make sure my sister and I had a good childhood.  I will forever be grateful to them.  They showed us how to achieve our dreams, through hard work and determination.  My sister and I have degrees, make a good living, and are able to provide for our kids.  Now, it is time for her to live her dreams.

It’s not like in my grandparents or great-grandparents’ days, when they barely had anything, worked endless days to provide a home for their kids, and the only thing they had to leave them were a family house and land.  For a black family, growing up in the south, times were hard then.

Times have changed and we have the opportunity to experience more in life.  My mom loves to travel, spend time with her friends, shop and spoil her grand kids. After all the things she has sacrificed, it’s time for her to enjoy life and enjoy her money.  She should not have to think about a mortgage after retirement.

To me, home is with family.  I would rather have the memories of my mom and daughter playing together, planting flowers, or shopping for a new dress.   I would rather have the pictures of us on vacation, at family cookouts, or spending days outside in the yard.   For me, those memories are more valuable than her leaving us a house.